Bloggy Birthday Contest

Happy Birthday to my craft blog!

This month we turn TWO years old!

I had about 75 pages (not really) of progress and highlights and thoughts about my audience, my own work, developing strategies to gauge my success.... blah blah blah blahdyblah. I bored myself writing it, and you all probably would be too. So, we're going to just skip straight to the free stuff.

giveaway 002 copy
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How it works:
« See my feedburner count over there? At this moment it says I have 474 subscribers through various blog readers and email subscriptions. Our goal is to have that number reach 500 subscribers in honor of 2 years blogging.

When the Feedburner say 500, I will randomly select a winner of the give-away from comments on this post (and this post only).

The faster we reach 500, the better your chances are for winning- the longer it takes, the more chances others have to sign up!

  Comment Entries
1 entry for leaving a comment
1 entry for posting about this giveaway on your site
1 entry each for a follow and post on Twitter or Facebook (include your screenname in your comment so I know who you are)
1 entry for any NEW subscriber who gives me your name as a referral!

So many chances to win!! Here is what you get:

What a Witch birdhouse (moar photos)
Haunted Houses by jannypie
Birdhouses started it all.
For years I wanted a miniature Christmas village. I looove miniatures. And I love birds. So I made myself a Christmassy birdhouse village and was happy. See how that works? Which inspired me to make more of my own home decorations, and a ton of people liked them, and so I signed up for a Christmas craft show and an Etsy store, and from there it has all been written about on my blog. Which is quite useful, actually, if only to remind us all how much my tastes have changed.

Skowly cardstock stickers
giveaway 006 copy
A set of 10 Skowly cardstock stickers, which are looking particularly scowly today.

Scented neck pillow
giveaway 012 copy
If you didn't already know, my aromatherapy pillows are filled with a blend of flax seeds and rice to maximize hot/cold temperature and fine pressure. The scented oils are 100% natural and plant-based, indicated for stress relief and health benefits. They are securely stitched, so no worries about splitting and losing your marbles. This large size wraps is perfect for the neck, joints like shoulders and knees, or lower back support.
Mmmmmm. Smells gooood. So warm. Perfect for a Fall evening. Or easing those muscles from grave digging. Which is a perfect Fall activity.

Speaking of Fall
giveaway 007 copy

giveaway 008
Warm autumn colors and a silver center for this flower brooch.  I have one on my purse already, because I love Fall like that.
Antique spider pin
giveaway 005 copy
A friend recently gifted this to me, and it is just too cool not to include with the Halloween theme giveaway. Yes I am tempted to keep it for myself, but I just really love you guys. Better to pay forward the gift to someone to thank them for following. It has a brooch pin back and is about 2 inches long.

Okay, recap:
Halloween birdhouse
Cardstock Skowly tags
Aromatherapy pillow
Fall flower pin
Antique spider pin
Lots of chances to win

Best of luck, and thank you for your loyalty to my blog!

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  1. I hope you reach 500 sooner rather than later!

  2. Happy Blogday! Good luck chica!

  3. Happy Blog Birthday! I just realized I haven't officially "joined" as a follower. Done! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Awesomeness haha I totally love reading your blog, you have such great ideas and ia m always passing ideas from your bloggie blog haha :)

  5. I never thought haunted houses would be this cute!

  6. Happy Birthday to my favorite crafty twitter!

    (PS;I love your work! Keep it up.)

  7. I love your blog! Thanks for the great give-away and Happy Blog B-day!

  8. blog post - check! Hope it gets you a few more readers!

  9. Congratulations Janny! Here's to many more blog years! I just love it here!

  10. Yay for 2 years! :-)

  11. Happy birthday :)
    Love your blog!!


  12. Happy 2 years!
    Great giveaway!
    I love the spider pin!

  13. i've seen these gifts in person and they are fantastic!! happy blogday jannygirl!!

  14. Happy blog birthday! I've had you on my blogroll for a while, but just realized I'm not an official subscriber. Off to change that right now!

  15. Happy bloggy bday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I posted this giveaway on my blog.

  17. That birdhouse is the funnest thing ever! how could i not enter the giveaway? :)

  18. Up to 480, I'm blogging right now. I wanna win :) Congrats on the anniversary!

  19. Blogged

  20. Happy Birthday ~ Saw you at the Worthington Show today. My daughter's birthday is September 22nd so I did a little birthday shopping. Can't wait to see you next month to do a little Christmas shopping.

  21. Skowly, she can't keep us apart any longer!

  22. Wow! What a great giveaway:) Happy Blog Birthday and thanks for the chance to win such great stuff! Oh, and I'm blogging about this so my friends and family can find your awesome site too!

  23. Hey It's my birthday too, *yeah!) happy birthday to us.

  24. I signed up to "subscribe".... DIY sent me

  25. Happy bloggy birthday!

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  26. I'm here via DIY showoff. Your site looks like it has lots of brilliant ideas! I love those birdhouses. I'm off to check out the rest of the blog...

    (and thanks for the fun giveaway!)


    Sorry to yell. :) I'm here from DIY showoff.

    You have to let me win! Serious. :) Going to obsess for a while ;)



  28. Happy Blog Birthday! I love the house so much, I'd keep it up all year long ;)

    PS. DIY showoff sent me.

  29. Oh! I just subbed & am so glad I did.
    Your blog is full of such fun stuff & inspiration!
    Great blog candy!!!

  30. Great ideas! Congrats on 2 years!


  31. Blogged about your give-away this morning, hopefully it gives you the boost you need :)

  32. Oh! You are almost there! I am already a subscriber, but will see what I can do!!

  33. I love that spider, thanks for the giveaway.

  34. cute giveaways glad i found your blog
    deefna at gmail dot com

  35. Awwww! You already did your thing I'm sure! Great blog though, and an awesome give-away!


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