does this blog make me look fat?

Everyone, I have a huge announcement. And no, I'm not pregnant, I haven't lost weight, and I haven't learned how to make funny jokes. I have, however, turned 2.

Well, my blog has, anyway. This month starts my 2nd year blogging about my crafts and creations. To celebrate, I'll be hosting my biggest giveaway yet, offering more freebies for download, and I'll share with you some info on how this blog is doing. It's only sensible then that I would finally bring together my progress into a new design.

I am so delighted to finally show you all my new logo and blog design. It has really been a long time developing- it has been "growing up" you might say. But I have finally worked it and worked it into exactly what I wanted. A sketchy, grungy design with my favorite colors and images.

The blog design is much more "me" too... It's busy, colorful, swirly, unexpected, humorous in little ways, and I like to think its pretty (not that I'm saying I'm pretty, but that I like pretty things.)

I love this image as my logo for many reasons:
-- Owls have long been my favorite item to collectt
-- they symbolize to me strong quiet intelligence, freedom, and peace. (Totally boring, right?)
-- My last owl logo attempt turned into a cartoon-y stereotype of an owl- not what I love about them. I like it, I really do, it would be great if I made kids crafts or that was more my personality, but it just isn't. I have to admit, I'm pretty boring!
-- scissors are the most basic tool for changing the physical aspect of something. that's what i like to do most in life- see potential in something, and change it to be something else.
-- make my site name "jannypie" more prominent. its for completely selfish reasons, too: i'm hoping people stop misspelling my name!! i've seen more versions of "Janie Pie" than i care to remember!

This blog design was BY FAR one of the most difficult I've ever done. I designed the entire thing in Photoshop, then used slicing and dicing tools to cut it up into little pieces. Then I put on my magic CSS/HTML sorting hat, and went to work. I learned a lot more about code than I knew before- and, I'm pretty sure that it works right in most browsers. Go janny, go janny, go go, go janny.

I was inspired by these artist blog templates, but just had to make one that was entirely unique and "me". I wanted a design that I know nobody else on the internet has. I also wanted 4 columns, expanded category sections to help my random blog make sense, and post summaries to cut down on the scrolling-forever factor.

My blog, my "image", my Etsy store- everything you see here is an ever-evolving process. I started my blog two years ago with that exact purpose... to share with you my crafts and how they grow. I've never "marketed" myself as an expert, as the best in my field, as making the best version of this niche you could ever find in life. And I never will. It would feel like lying to me, because I believe that all of life is about learning and growing. According to all I read about marketing theory it's exactly the opposite of what I should do to make lots and lots of money. Okay. Maybe I'm naive, but you will always know what nothing here is glossed over, hyped up, ripped off, or said to be something it isn't. I'm not out to make lots and lots of money anyway- first and foremost, I'm out to enjoy the time given to me, to share that enjoyment with others, and to meet and be involved with the community around me.

for those of you who have stuck around this long, or joined recently:
a) i like you
b) thank you!
c) i look forward to continuing to blog with you!

so, what do you think?
(really, don't tell me if you don't like it.)
(in internet lingo, that's "please blow sunshine up my ass")

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  1. I love your blog I check every day to see what is new!

  2. Your blog looks fantastic. The four column layout works wonderfully, and your artistic talent is amazing, I'm so jealous!

    Congrats on turning 2.

  3. Your blog design and graphics are amazing. I love the sketch style of the owl.


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