jannypie breaks 500

2 freakin AM in the morning. of course. *rolling my eyes*
i have a sick husband and a new puppy, so between the snoring and the whining, i came into my craft room to finish a graphic i was making (a grungy vector style of columbus) and just after posting, i look over and see THIS:

eeee, yayyyy, now i must sleep :-P so despite how happy i was, i just took a screenshot and went back to bed. i drew the winning number this morning, from the comments on the original bloggy birthday post as best i could count: i think some may have twittered and blogged but only replied once. so, from the best determination from the comments that were left, the winning entry was...

#43: RACHELLE!!!

Congratulations Rachelle!! I love your enthusiasm and thank YOU for your comments and help!

Please email me at jannypie143@yahoo.com with your mailing info, and I will ship your gift this week!

I also wanted to THANK EVERYONE who reads my rambles, subscribes to my site, gets any use out of the things I share, and toots my horn for me on their own time. You all friggin rock, and I just LOVE YOU!
Special thanks to long-time pal Roeshel of The DIY Showoff, Erin and Danica, who sent the most visitors my way (via link traffic).

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