Super Fantastic Compliment Posters

I firmly believe in giving compliments as often as possible. Sometimes, people (both guys and girls) think I am flirting with them, and sometimes, I actually am! However, I think it is just an easy, small way to make someone's day, and spread good karma into the world.

Now, as a lover of all things fantasy, pretty much nothing is cooler to me than dragons. So, telling someone that they are as cool as dragons is about as good a compliment as it gets. Why stop with "Hey, you're decent" when you can say "Hey, you are more awesome than anything in the real world, we have to move over into super powerful magical creatures to compare with your awesomeness."

I do realize, from long experience, that probably not all of you are going to truly love and appreciate these posters. Fantasy is long been firmly lodged in the "geek" spectrum of life. And, that's okay. You like what you like, and I like what I like. I would be willing to bet, however, that someone you know is a closet dragon-loving geek just like me. We are all over, just like aliens. And unicorns.

Speaking of,

All of these posters can be customized with colors, fonts, and text. They are available as the popular 11"x17" poster size OR as a 4"x5" greeting card on heavy cardstock paper- affordable and easy to display, but totally unique and professionally printed. I'll be giving one to my cousin who loves reading for Christmas... oh, and my other cousin who likes computer games... and my husband who is as cool as dragons... and my old roommate that likes unicorns....

Find them here:

Super Fantastic Compliment Poster - DRAGONS
Super Fantastic Compliment Poster - UNICORNS
Super Fantastic Compliment Poster - WIZARD

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  1. Um, these are awesome. I will have to get one for my hubs' birthday in 2 months.

  2. I love these!! Totally Nerdy Cool!!! The unicorn one is so awesome!!!

  3. I love your blog design, and the posters are great. I'm gonna start using the "cool as dragons" compliment regularly. :)

  4. These are great. Your whole dang site is great. Very good. I have been enriched!

  5. These are amazing. I love them.

  6. love these!!! especially the unicorns print...

    and what a fabulous geeky compliment to give someone :)


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