Warm Woodland Tablescape

The colors of Autumn are so inspiring! I made a nature-inspired table display in just a few easy steps, and it really warmed up the entire room. I just followed some display basics, and added my own touches with my birdhouses and birds from around the house. I've also included a side project as well which will come in a later post!

Woodland Tablescape Complete

Woodland Tablescape 1

(№.1) Start with core pieces of varying heights. The easiest display has the tallest item in the middle, making a pyramid. Odd numbers are the most visually pleasing, so here I have 5 pieces, but 3 or 7 are commonly used as well. Stagger them front to back to create depth to your display.

Woodland Tablescape 2

(№.2) Add in accent pieces, making sure that they overlap without hiding other things.

Woodland Tablescape 3

(№.3) Fill in the rest of the space with pinecones, gourds, and birds. Some things to keep in mind to help would be:
Contrast - putting light things in front of dark and vice versa
Color - similar colors should be balanced on both sides (here I have the orange gourds on both ends)
Variation - don't get stuck in a straight line. overlap, group and prop your items until it looks interesting
Impact - keep a single theme or image in mind, so people can get the idea at first glance. the details will keep them looking.


Woodland Tablescape

Woodland Tablescape

Woodland Tablescape

Pinecone Placecard template to come!


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