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The explosion of social networking across the world has helped me meet so many interesting people--- especially via my blog, Twitter and Etsy sites--- and I absolutely love making new contacts. But, I have to confess: I have a very poor memory for names/faces/logos. I admit I get confused at times if someone uses different pictures on their Facebook, Twitter, or profile pics when leaving comments. Some use pictures of themselves in one place, and a logo in another... Nothing wrong with that! The internet is ALL about image management, and having contacts quickly associate an image with your content. But for the memory challenged among us, it's tough. So, since I am "Jannypie" in every place online, or a version of that, I decided to have just one picture across the board!




These pictures are courtesy Erin Johnson Photography, who took a break from child portraits to snap these for me, and patiently get exactly the quality of light I was hoping for. And then made them look soft and grungy just for me!

This is the one I've picked to use for my profiles, so anywhere you see it, you know you are getting Jannypie!

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  1. What a darling photo...good choice!

  2. Wholesome, natural beauty. These rank right up there with the wedding dress photos.

  3. Those are great photos, Jan! You look great :)

  4. aw thanks guys! you are so nice :)

  5. I love this post! Thank you so much. I do agree its best to have one photo and stick with it across the board. BTW Those are beautiful photos of you!

  6. LOVE IT! I am so glad you've embraced the medium. Remember the day when you thought that I was ridiculous? hee hee hee!

    See, now you're one step ahead of me. I have nearly the same picture everywhere but it's just a cropped shot and not professional.

  7. Trisha I don't remember that! Your photo is fine though, very clear and recognizable!


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