Hilarious yet delicious-looking science cookies

"These cookies have a PhD in delicious."
Ms. Humble

Can you imagine my delight and awe when a friend sent me the link to these petri dish-inspired sugar cookies?

Petri dish sugar cookie

They were created by "Ms. Humble" from not so humble pie. Her talent is incredible!

Lab mice cookies

I love people who like science! And I am completely amazed by those who can bake and decorate like a pro. I'm completely food making disabled.

Gingerbread scientists in lab coats

Periodic table of delicious

And you must really be a nerd (or married to one) to enjoy these:

Gel electrophoresis cookies

Love them!


  1. Those are a riot! I love that Periodic Table of the Elements--it must have taken a lot of patience to make it!

  2. I love the petri dishes. That is genius!


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