Ruffled Book Wreath

I posted before about this book wreath from Living With Lindsay, which I think is elegantly beautiful.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to find many old books at a yard sale for 25 cents each, so I decided to make one of my own. It took almost 100 pages, but was certainly worth the time! I also added a pearled tassel ornament from the bottom.

dec 010

dec 027

The tutorial given is quite helpful and I didn't really make any changes to it. I used a book from 1936, so I did not need to faux the antiqued pages edges- however, the old pages were brittle, and were more likely to crease and fold instead of curl into ruffles. The use of a new book may be easier from that part.

dec 018


  1. Jan, this is FABULOUS! Way to go!

  2. OMG That is beautiful!!! And I love that you added your own touch to it with a pearled tassle! Great job!

  3. Does anyone have ideas about making a wreath using old Xmas cards? Faithfully saving them to do a craft with grandkids, but that isn't gonna happen this year, so was wondering - would be great to hear ideas.


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