Strapless Clutch with Ruffled Inset

I made this strapless clutch as a custom order for someone, and I changed my usual Pie Purse design a bit. I am really in love with all of the ruffled creations that are so popular right now, and wanted to add that touch of femininity into the purse. I ruffled the top and bottom of the blue inset, and it is still pleated on the sides so that the fabric tucks in, making the ruffles come out of the front just like I wanted. It is super cute.

dec 005

I also added a zipper closure along the top instead of magnetic snaps, and it actually turned out making everything easier and went more quickly. And it is a bit more secure for keeping all of your things inside.

dec 009

The fabric is heavier, Fresh Start by Amy Butler which is a home decor weight, but it is still eco-friendly, because I purchased the fabric as someone's scraps on, making use of what would be waste and supporting another artist at the same time.

It turned out to be one of my favorites!


  1. Janny, I HAD to leave a comment to say that it was the first thing that caught my eye when I visited your etsy store today! The ruffles are a nice touch.


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