Your daily Martha Stewart tips return!


Quite some time ago, I went through a Martha-Stewart-obsessed phase, and quickly became frustrated with having no simple way to view the constantly updating content on at least, not without spending more time on her website every day than I have available! I was hoping to find some way to get that inspiration in fast, easy doses, where I could star the interesting ones and go back to them later, but it just wasn't out there.

So, of course, I started thinking that I wouldn't be the only one interested in that, and thus I created, a blog where I posted a few of the tips from the site each day, so everyone could have that easy-to-access Martha Stewart inspiration!

I'm pretty sure you can guess the problem with that....

It ended up taking way more time to post just a few tips than it ever did going and searching daily! And subscribing to the email newsletters was no help either- my Inbox filled up with them faster than I could read and delete, making it difficult to keep up with my regular email!

So, I quit updating Martha.Daily. and moved on with other projects, but it was always in the back of my little mind, bouncing around, craving a solution. And just this past week, a variety of tools and techniques I've picked up finally came together into a (very confusing, but) working solution!

I'm happy to share that not only does again update smoothly with every daily tip, but I've included much more of the sweet, sweet awesomeness than ever before. So go stop by the blog, or bookmark it right here:
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and enjoy!