Announcement of website expansion

Dearest Readers,

The rumors are true, jannypie crafts will soon be growing! After almost 3 years of blissful blogging, I have the need to expand my blog to maximize my offerings to readers. First thing to know is:

You don't have to do anything right now!

I'm letting you know now so that you can follow the changes and know when it is allllll ready for you!

Next thing to know is, my site will now be called Indiefinable Creations, but I will be keeping my Jannypie profile as the author.

/ in' de. f─źne'. able / : (adj) independent of a single definition or style

: (n) one who is indefinable.

Indiefinable Creations finally embraces my wide ranges of styles, creations and interests. Rather than denying all that I can do and focusing on one area to be successful, I'm accepting it, identifying it, naming it. Maybe visitors will be confused and leave. But maybe we'll all be surprised and find out that other people have varying interests too, and stay to discover. (I'm hoping it's the second one.)
So, what's happening:
  • Making the move to Wordpress. Many of the best features from my blog are getting lost in the archives, so I wanted the ability to bring the brightest stars up front for new visitors to find, and for regulars to access.
  • Complete tutorial pages. A few of my tutorials are spread out across posts, and some are shorties that ended up being more popular than I had expected. These will brought all together, be easier to follow, and I'm adding some great features to make them really pop!
  • Category sections will organize content. Because of my wide variety of creations and styles, I'll be bringing much better organization to my content. You'll be easily able to go straight to Crafts, Blog Design, Downloads, Resources, etc.
  • Posts can be sorted by style, in addition to category, such as Cutesy, Grungy, Geeky.
  • More stuff for you to look at: the new site will have much more content, with About Me sections, portfolios, top lists of resources that I use online, and more.
  • I'm offering new services as well, packages for the non-internet-savvy based on blog and small business setup, design, optimization and use.
  • Inspiration and community sections to highlight my favorites around the web and support my communities.
  • A wealth of indie favorites, including handmade artists (locally and online), Columbus businesses, grassroots podcasts and authors, websites and maybe even products.
So there are some features for you to read and get excited about while I'm working, and I'm hoping that the support you all have given for so long will help me make this transition. I'm nervous (of course) but the way things have been coming together is really making me more confident that these changes are going to bring a lot of good stuff your way. Truly!

Moving to Wordpress is taking a long time because I'm making sure everything is done right (plus, it's a royal pain in the badunkadunk to customize!). In the mean time, feel free to visit and bookmark the site:

Special Note: Prior to launching the site, I'll be offering a preview to members who sign up for the email newsletter, which will include a free gift in exchange for completing a visitor feedback survey. So add your email if you are interested!


  1. i'm excited to see all the changes. I love the new name as well! I'm waiting in anticipation!

  2. thanks Andrea! i'm super glad to hear you like the name. i know some people won't get it, but heck if it's the same number of people who don't spell "jannypie" right, then i guess i'm not out anything! :-P

  3. How exciting! I can't wait to see your new site, it all sounds wonderful! I'd love to help!


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