Jannypie Hearts: Pottery Barn's new Nest line

Pottery Barn has a new set of accessories called "Nest... at home" that might be my new happy place.

While the "Nesting" decor trend has been in full swing for quite some time, to those of us who truly love nature-inspired design (and have a well-known lifelong affinity for bird life), this will never be out of place.

Did you know that I took ornithology in high school? The trimester system let us have long class sessions, where we travelled around the Mohican State Park area in central Ohio, keeping bird watching notebooks and identifying songs and species. The most memorable sighting for me was a White-Winged Crossbill, the normal range for which is largely in Canada. This only fed my love of all things feathered, which started with owls as a little girl.

Pottery Barn's embroidered set with blue eggs in a nest and matching bird pillow is one of my favorite picks- it looks like watercolor paintings on the pillows. So delicately gorgeous.

(Bonus: There's a video on the site about hand-stitched embroidery!)

I am loving all of these selections! The birdbath serving bowls are crying out "Please DIY me!!"

P.S. Don't you think these would look great in a room with a wooden Our Nest sign and a Pillared Nest Holder??

*Sigh* Beautiful...

Thanks Karla!
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  1. I hadn't seen the new collection...and I really like it!

    When I was in high school, I used to live one block away from an Audubon bird sanctuary...and never appreciated the beauty of it then.

  2. tried to buy the next pillow, but no more! boohoo


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