This is not a blog post

I am still on blogging vacation while my life undergoes a walkabout. Just sharing some photos that I've taken lately.

My iPod changes clothes frequently. This is a slightly heavier paper with 3D glitter spots, and I had a hard time getting it to snap shut.

I've seen several of those small fabric houses online, but no birdhouses, so I made one.

I appliqu├ęd this golf course scene onto a golf towel, meant for Valentine's Day gift.

I hand-screen printed my OHIO ROCKS design onto this green tote along with a silver metallic decal. Then I faded the edges a bit with some black spray paint. I like it, but the perfectionist in me isn't happy with the screenprint quality.

I made these two pillows from my bridesmaid dresses for two friends' weddings. I matched them to the style of wedding they had- the pink was soft and romantic, the orange was sleek and sophisticated. The girls loved them.

On a personal side note, I am continuing to adjust okay. I have landed a great little apartment near my work, and am looking forward to moving in next weekend. And every moment has been busy with the paperwork, phone calls, account changes, needed to change your life, interspersed with bright fun moments spent with friends that keep me going.


  1. glad you're hanging in there...and managing to find some fun time with friends :)

    LOVE the pillows made from bridesmaid dresses. great idea! Especially love the pink flowers on the pink pillow...


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