I wanted to share with you some glass, stone and ceramic tile mosaics I have been making. A little less than a year ago I started attending Open Mosaic night at 4th Street Studio here in Columbus. I go once a week with a group of artist friends and we all work on projects together. It's a great chance to socialize and get some art in, since the weeks can get so busy that some times those things get pushed aside. I've really enjoyed my time there as well as learning a new craft. I knew absolutely nothing about making mosaics at my first visit, and the owner Beth has taught all of us the skills and tools to make these creations.

Mosaics  - 08
My first mosaic, a rendition of my Columbus Skyscrape digital art piece.

Mosaics  - 18
"Like Ya Bunches!" is an asparagus bunch created for the Asparafest event at Wild Goose Creative.

Mosaics  - 12
My personal favorite, a bluebird with glass mirror shards as pinions (wing feathers).

Mosaics  - 19
This is a mixed media piece where I experimented with using large spaces of grout as a design element rather than merely a filler between tiles.

Mosaics  - 20
Here is a collaboration piece between my artist friends Karla Ross and Kathryn Gorney, a group work submitted to the Exquisite Corpse show via ARTillery this past fall.

The Broken Road - Tile mosaic
"The Broken Road" - Another of my personal favorites, this was an experiment using broken ceramic plates and other bits of stone and ceramic tile. The major force behind this was to not have a plan, and just start on it and see where it goes. It was one of those pieces that lost steam and inspiration during the middle of the process, but I kept going back to it, re-working it, moving the tiles around into different configurations, and at the end came up with an interesting and visually compelling composition.

This is a fun gorilla I made at the request of a friend, again using grout as a design element in addition to a filler.

If you'd like to see more of the mosaics I have created over the past year, feel free to check out my Mosaics set over on Flickr.


  1. I love your mosaics! I think the bluebird and the collaboration are my favorites :-)


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