What's New: Spring 2012

Here are some things that are happening in the world of Jannypie:

Craftacular planning is underway for this year. I have taken up my usual role as manager of the Craftacular website and graphics for the event. We've already hung fliers at Gallery Hop once, and have plans for more fliers, postcards, etc. Applications are only open for a few more days, and the show is less than two months away. I also need to start making new art for it!

Click n Doodle is where you'll usually find my most recent art thingies. A good friend and I began the blog as a 365 challenge: he would take one photo a day and I would draw one thing a day, (get it? click and doodle?) and we would post them to the blog jointly to keep each other motivated. Because we are both bums at heart, it hasn't worked out to be daily, per se, but we put new things up as we can. I personally am using it to practice drawing again after so much time spent with paints, mixed media and the computer. You may also see many re-appear in future art pieces (hints!).  Tom primarily uses it to show off and make us jealous of his camera equipment, a ploy which is definitely effective, but don't tell him I said that.

Working girl is what I spend most of my time as lately. I accepted a position doing, basically, everything I wanted to do in a job, alongside coworkers who happen to be way cooler than I am. I do the graphic design, website, social media, branding, and other marketing for a company that makes electronic laboratory notebook software, which makes the research scientist nerd girl in me absolutely delighted. It's good stuff, but I work long days and haven't had much spare time to devote to new art. I am working on new things, however, so I will have things to share soon!